Biodynamic Massage, also sometimes referred to as Systematic Therapeutic Touch, belongs to a wide range of specialist techniques under the Body Psychotherapy umbrella. It was developed as a response to clinical observations that systematic touch in conjunction with verbal psychotherapy can accelerate and enhance a client’s therapeutic process. The method has deep roots in physiotherapy, informed by human biology, and adds a physiological component to the processing of difficult life experiences.

Biodynamic Massage consists of a variety of different sequences, which can feel very different to one another and which are selected in accordance to your individual needs. Every session will feel different and the effects of this kind of body work can be very powerful and insightful, as well as nourishing and relaxing.

A major aim of Biodynamic Massage is the mobilisation of the parasympathetic nervous system in the body, placing it in a ‘rest and digest’ state. This in turn creates better conditions for the body to process life traumas and heal. Rather than trying to cure illness, I can use Biodynamic Massage to help you to better understand the messages your symptoms may carry. This heightened awareness can help you to create a new balance within yourself and your life and may lead to the improvement of symptoms.

I can work with the vast majority of physical health conditions and my work is complementary to mainstream medical treatment as well as alternative therapies.

I usually use Biodynamic Massage as part of Body Psychotherapy due to its strong psychotherapeutic links. However, if you would like to try Biodynamic Massage on its own, I am able to offer appointments lasting 50 minutes for a fee of £45.

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